I have the next four days off!

My ‘to do’ list includes the following:

  • sleep in every day;
  • catch up on “The Good Wife” on DVR;
  • write a couple passive aggressive emails to my recent ex-whatever and send them to him via LinkedIn;
  • hunt down and purchase a professional tooth scaling tool, like the ones they use at the dentist office;
  • eat a half gallon of peppermint stick ice cream;
  • lure a guy over who’ll tell me I’m beautiful and no baby, that ice cream on my shirt isn’t a turn-off and then fuck me;
  • sew some pants pockets shut, and;
  • finally listen to that hidden song on Tool’s last studio album, where you play Viginti Tres and Wings for Marie back to back, while concurrently playing 10,000 Days.

That’s about it.

17 notes, November 10, 2011

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